Kristin's Old Music Videos

2013 Kristin Performs lead in Wizard of Oz
2013 Huntington Idol Semi Final
2013 Huntington Idol Final
2013 Huntington HS Talent Show - Winner
Kristin performs Creep
Kristin performs It Can't be true
Kristin performs Getting Ready "good girl"
Kristin performs cheerleaders scene
2012 Long Island Idol
2009 Huntington Music Idol
2010 Huntington Music Idol
2004 Lipsync show - Celebration
Old Southdown Primary schook video
My Fair Lady Play - middle school
Oliver! - Consider Yourself
Oliver! - Anything

Some old videos

Elen playing Lovestory
Elen playing piano w/Kristin dancing
Elen playing piano
Kristin scared of new dog
John doing old Neil Young Song
John doing old R.E.M Song
D'Jays closing party
Magic years
John playing old Beatles song
Kristin at the
Kristin tours Dad's home office
Elen and Christina