Here is some video:

Kristin Sings at Huntington Music Idol 2013

April 19th Final

Semi - Music Idol Song

Final - Some Nights


Kristin wins Huntington HS talent show 3/1/2013

Bon Iver Blood Bank


From the 2/18/2013 performance of

The Wizard of Oz:

Over the Rainbow



Kristin Performing (Radiohead) Creep

Huntington HS Talent Show 2/15/2013


Kristin performing in 13 a new musical

 Sept. 14 2012

It Can't be true
Getting Ready "Good Girl"
Cheerleaders Scene


Kristin Music Idol


2012 Semi Finals
Long Island Idol

Huntington Music Idol 2011 Final Performance
Huntington Music Idol 2011 Semi Final performance
Huntington Music Idol 2010 WINNER











Chasing Green Moray Eel in Curacao: EEL

Little Octopus comes out on a night dive (Cozumel 9/09): octopus

Kristin Singing at Huntington Idol Finals 04/2009 (requires QuickTime):  IDOL

Oliver Play 02/02/2008

Consider Yourself Small mpeg4 quicktime required
I'd Do Anything
Consider yourself Hi res version (large file)

Trying to do a safety stop in ripping current on the wreck of US Duane  (Key largo 8/2007)

Kristin Singing at Southdown Ceremony

Swimming jelly fish in Monterey

This is really cool! Istanbul traffic lights (2004)

Kristin's 2nd grade lip-sync show    Celebration

Here is a video I recorded underwater of a dive on the USS San Diego WW1 Cruiser:

Here is a video of our trip to Brazil in January 2003

Here is a clip from Kristin's piano concert on 7/12: Concert

View of a shore dive spot in: Curacao

See the Meridien Hotel in Copacabana light up for New Years (this was right after the firework display):

  Meridian on Fire